Smart storage for everything in life

Smart storage for everything in life

Designed to meet the most stringent storage and organizational workplace demands as well as basic, everyday home improvement needs, Toolflex™ One, with its 8 distinct color options, features one-size-fits-all, click on-and-off universal holders and a hygienic, super clean design to create more productive, more efficient, and safer work spaces as well as tidier, more simplified living areas in your home.

With Swedish origins dating back to 1983, Toolflex™ One was reimagined with one thing in create smart storage for everything in life.  Available in 8 distinct colors, the Toolflex™ One collections enables customers to organize, store and quickly access mops and brooms, garden tools, hardware, sports equipment and, yes, liquor bottles! The patented one-size fits all universal holders that will fit objects of all shapes, contours, materials and sizes from 0.5 to 1.5 inch in diameter.  The innovative click on-and-off holders enables the parts to be quickly and easily adjusted (to accommodate different sized tools) as well as completely removed for cleaning. From creating color-coded cleaning zones to interior design inspirations, users can match colors to their corporate logo or use a more subtle colors to simply blend the systems into the wall.

Imagine your space, organized today, with these ideas! 


Mop and Broom Organizer

Designed originally to storage and organize cleaning tools for restaurant operators, where food safety is of critical importance, Toolflex™ One is an ultra-hygienic, NSF Certified system which means its food contact safe to in and around kitchens.  Plus, the system is super easy to clean-in-place or remove it and place in your dishwasher because, yes, it's dishwasher safe!

  • Mop holder
  • Broom holder
  • Squeegee holder
  • Dustpan holder
  • Deck brush holder
  • Hand-held brush holder
  • Other cleaning tools

Garden Tool Organizer

Perfect for organizing garages, garden sheds, workshops, maintenance facilities, toolbox and tool cabinet. 

  • Shovel holder
  • Rake holder
  • Spade holder
  • Hoe holder
  • Pitchfork holder
  • Holder for trimmers

Hardware Tool Organizer 

Can't find your favorite hammers or screwdrivers in your garage, shed, maintenance crib or workshop? Or, are things simply a mess? Consider these ideas to organize the chaos and create tidy spaces.

  • Wrench holder
  • Screwdriver holder
  • Hammer holder
  • Hardware holder

Sports Equipment Organizer

Perfectly organize, store and quickly access sports equipment and other gear with your favorite colored Toolflex™ One system.  Using one of the 8 color options, you can match or even mix-and-match systems to coordinate with your favorite sports team, school theme, room paint or wall accent.  Or, simply pick your favorite color!

  • Baseball bat holder
  • Hockey stick holder
  • Tennis racket holder
  • Pickleball racket holder
  • Ping pong paddle holder
  • Cue stick holder
  • Ski pole holder
  • Kayak paddle holder
  • Canoe paddle holder
  • Bike helmet holder
  • Skateboard helmet holder
  • Swimming pool pole holder

Liquor Bottle Organizer

We didn't think of this one, but it didn't take our customers too long!  "Think outside the bottle" and store your favorite beverage.  Perfect for restaurants, bars and pubs, kitchens, restrooms (above toilets), billiard and pool tables room, game rooms, liquor cabinets, garages, man caves, she name it! 

  • Liquor bottle holder
  • Beer bottle holder
  • Soda or beverage bottle holder

Kitchen Utensil Organizer

Designed with food safety and cross contamination prevention in mind, Toolflex™ One is the most hygienic, easy-to-clean, wall mounted tool organizer in its class. For use as a kitchen utensil organizer or holder, you can use your Toolflex™ One knowing its food contact safe since its NSF Certified and made with FDA compliant materials.

Home & Closet Organizer

Designed for professionals, Toolflex™ One is ideally suite for individuals with a distinctive eye toward high quality and European design.  With its super clean and sleek lines, Toolflex™ One can be used in a variety of household organizational and storage arrangements.  

  • Closet organizer
  • Wardrobe organizer (think belts and scarves)
  • Laundry room organizer
  • Broom closet organizer
  • Kitchen organizer
  • Mudrooms and drop zones
  • Wall mounted garage organizer
  • Playrooms organizers

And, don't neglect the kids, let them choose their very own color and size.  Using colors is a simple and universal way for families, large and small, to learn how to get and stay organized and, possibly, get along too!



What's New For 2023?

Toolflex™ One Holder with Wall Adapter
Tight Spaces, No Problem! Introducing the newest addition that enables Toolflex™ One Holder to mount directly to walls or rails. Designed for tight spaces (think storage cabinets, closet organizers, janitor sinks), these one-size-fits-all, click on-and-off holders are perfect broom holders, mop holders, garden tool organizers or you name it.
Toolflex™ One Utility Holders 
Available in five configurations, these innovative allow you to bring items closer to the point of use or to simply organize, store and quickly access disposable glove cartons (100 count boxes), wipes or towels (~5 inch diameter), spray bottles or can, hoses or cords, or other unique home, garage, shop or maintenance items.
Toolflex™ One Motion Cart / Trolley Holder 
Designed for "motion" and to bring tools allow for the ride (i.e., to close proximity to work spaces), this clever device clamps to pipes and tubes (~22 mm diameter) commonly found on janitorial carts, trollies, mop bucket wringer handles, moving platforms and utility carts.  This innovative system enables users to securely store, effectively organize and quickly access a variety of tools allowing users to focus on the task at hand saving time and money.


Why 8 Colors?  

With the ultimate goal of food safety and the prevention of cross contamination, food and beverage facilities and foodservice restaurant operators around the world use Toolflex™ One to designate color-coded cleaning zones for different parts of a facility. For example, restaurants may use blue colored cleaning tools for guest areas and red ones for restrooms.  This prevents mops being used around toilets from being used in guest service areas or kitchens. 


Discover endless possibilities by shopping our Toolflex™ One collection today. 


By Chuck Goetz

President/Owner, Toolflex USA

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