Toolflex™ helps customers effectively organize, efficiently store and quickly access a wide variety of items of different sizes, colors, shapes, contours and materials. Since the Original Swedish design and patent in 1983, Toolflex™ has become a trusted brand to help customers solve storage and organization needs globally in over 40 countries. 

Toolflex™ USA is the exclusive North American importer and master distributor. Toolflex™ is a registered trademark of Delex Teknik AB, the Sweden based manufacturer. International patent protections apply.

Delex Teknik AB, is the Swedish manufacturer of the entire collection of Toolflex™ products.  Delex is quality certified in accordance with ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standards which ensures all Delex products are manufactured with a consistently high quality and functional standard.  Toolflex™ is a registered trademark of Delex Teknik AB.

For more information, please contact Chuck Goetz, President, Toolflex USA at email chuck.goetz@toolflex.us or visit www.Toolflex.com.

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